Corporate Office
Corporate Office
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Remarks of MD


The business of Advent Pharma Limited continues to strengthen , despite challenges and FY16 was a year of consolidation for us. During the year , we identified improvement areas in existing processes and worked towards encouraging outcomes. We reinforced focus on production processes , people potential and supply chain consistency.

We strengthened our competencies in the realms of cost efficiencies , sales force productivity and plant productivity , in line with the evolving market and regulatory requirements. Our corporate objective is to continue making a significant contribution towards improving animal health.  We share a passion for improving the health of animal. The health of livestock contribute crucially to providing people with safe food. If animals are healthy , the health of people improves.

We have big plans for animal health in the years ahead. We have undertaken to outgrow the market on a sustainable basis in the subsequent years with our solid core business and by taking advantage of new opportunities.

It is obvious that to generate long – term sustainable value for shareholders, business will need to continuously evolve and transform to build a strong foundation for future growth. The key is to improve the underlying fundamentals so that we can aim for delivering much more from our current level. We have embarked on a transformational journey to make Advent Pharma a Better , Stronger and Faster company .This should help us drive a stable and consistent growth in cash flows , which is a key objective of our corporate philosophy. A better and stronger organization can do well only if it is Fast in responding to customer requirements. Our ability to make our products available on time consistently to our customers determines our service standards to customers.

We are optimistic to continue successfully achieving our mission of making a contribution for improving animal health.

Faria Binta Alam
Managing Director