Advent Pharma Limited is a front ranking exclusively dedicated  manufacturer of Animal Health Care Products in Bangladesh. The company is dedicated to providing the best quality health care options for commercial animal producers by utilizing cutting edge machinery in developing a wide variety of health products to meet the growing demands of the fledgling sector.

As a company, Advent Pharma is committed to guaranteeing high customer satisfaction and to consolidate itself as one of the trusted names in the Animal Health Care industry.

Advent Pharma Ltd began its journey in 2007 and since then has been a pioneering presence in the industry due to the sophisticated machinery being employed by the company. The company and all its members believe that quality health care solutions for the veterinary sector should be a prerequisite in order to sustain and grow the economy at both local and national levels.

To this end, Advent Pharma continues to uphold its values of high-quality products and exception quality assurance with a wide variety of products. This has led to Advent Pharma Ltd fast becoming a trusted name in the sector.