Advent is one of the fastest growing companies of Bangladesh in Veterinary sector. The  business focus of the organization is to enhance  animal health portfolio to meet all expectations of stakeholders. Advent  produces  both specialized and general-purpose drugs for animals. Advent Pharma believes in providing high-quality products at competitive prices to its customers. At the same time, the company is committed to broaden and diversify its production capacities in order to satisfy the growing demands of stakeholders. The stakeholders at Advent remain committed to the company’s principles and are always at the forefront of business decisions taken by the company. Due to the strong performance of the company over the years, it has been converted into a Public Limited Company in June 2016, which brings it one step closer to its vision of becoming one of the largest Veterinary medicine producers in the country. The company believes that the best way to move forward in this sector is by keeping a harmonious balance between the customers and investors so that every one associated with the company can be satisfied at the end of the day.


The growing popularity of poultry farming in Bangladesh has significantly improved food and nutritional security, as well as people’s levels of income. However, whether grown for eggs or for meat, chicken face a number of preventable challenges, which at times threaten to wipe out an entire batch. Ranging from Coccidiosis, to Fowl Cholera and New Castle Disease.

Good news is that these and more conditions can be treated and prevented through use of recommended poultry medicines from Advent Pharma Limited. This includes Adprolim – Plus powder, Adzuril solution , Microfix powder , Adcipcin solution and more. Advent also manufactures a wide range of general animal health products, as well as mineral and vitamin supplements to boost  livestock’s productivity in Bangladesh.


Advent specialises in marketing veterinary medicines, especially for production animals. Advent uses local market understanding and relevant technical knowledge to select and or develop category leading products for Bangladesh farming systems. Advent produces therapeutic veterinary drugs , nutritional supplements , premix products and medicated & non – medicated various feed additives for intensive livestock sector.