This is a state of the art manufacturing facility for oral dosage forms  and all facilities have been developed meeting the requirements of regulatory authority. The plant is designed for segregation of raw materials, proper management of in-process materials & storage of finished products under controlled conditions.

Manufacturing and packaging operations are carried out according to the validated methods through systematically qualified machines with full documentation at all stages of operations. Products are manufactured in a modern manufacturing unit following the pharmacopoeial guidelines for environmental requirements of the manufacturing and packaging area where independent quality control and quality assurance departments have been working.

The manufacturing unit includes manufacturing facilities for Bolus, Liquids and powder dosage forms . Advent has extended the production area, capacity and enriched its plant by installing more new machinery in the production and quality control department.

Highly sophisticated HVAC systems are used to condition, monitor & supply the clean air to the working zone according to the manufacturing zone concept. Temperature & moisture levels are also maintained at the desired level . Segregated heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning systems are designed to facilitate the manufacturing process and to prevent cross-contamination.

Waste materials  undergo  treatment  through  a sophisticated  Effluent Treatment Plant  (ETP) set up at the project.