Bioplex Dairy Max Bolus

Therapeutic Class: Nutritional


Per  bolus contains

  • Zinc min. 380 mg
  • Copper Min. 115 mg
  • Chromium Min.2 mg
  • Manganese Min. 180mg
  • Lodine Min. 15mg
  • Selenium Min. 2.3 mg


The way forward in organic trace mineral management for better reproductive performance in livestock.

Dosage Form: Bolus

Pack Size: 7×6’s

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    Cycling Cows: Immediately after observing first post-partum oestrus, administer one bolus daily until occurrence of second heat (usually 21 dayslater0. After insemination during this cycle, continue to administer one bolus daily for seven days.

    Non-cycling Cows: Administer one Bioplex Dairy Max Bolus daily for seven consecutive days or until strong oestrus activity is observed. Continue treatment daily until second oestrus. Once mated, administration should be continued for a further seven days.


    • Cattle/buffaloes: 1bolus/ animal/ day or as directed by veterinarian
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